Visa Requirements

The Student Visa Requirements for education in France consist of a series of steps that need to be done appropriately. You can inquire how to go about the process and apply through an official national agency of higher education and foreign students called Campus France.

  • Step 1: Official letter
  • Step 2: Bank Statement
  • Step 3: Medical insurance
  • Step 4: Return ticket
  • Step 5: French proficiency requirement
  • Step 6: Proof of accommodation
  • Step 7: Visa Photo requirement
  • Step 8: Campus France ID
  • Step 9: Passport requirement
  • Step 10: France Student Visa

The France Border Agency outlines the application process as:

  • Step 1: Information gathering based on situation
  • Step 2: Online application set up
  • Step 3: Appointment booking
  • Step 4: File submission
  • Step 5: Application tracking

Types of Visas:

Students from European Union Countries will not need student visas for education or internship programs. Students should have insurance and financial aid for sickness and maternity.

The different types are: 

  • The Short Stay Student Visa
  • The Long Stay Student Visa
  • The Working Holiday Visa
  • Provisional Residency Permit

Applicants for a student visa will not be able to work full time. In the case of their spouse living with them, they must have proof of enough financial support. To avoid any trouble regarding this, it is best to be legally living together.


List of universities

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