United States

Why Study In United States?


The United States of America is home to stunning, varied landscapes steeped in history. With over 327 million people, it is the third-largest country in the world. It has six time zones, with four between the east and west coasts and one for Alaska and Hawaii. Washington, DC, the capital of the country and the 50 states that make up the United States are all unique geographical regions.

Attitude and Etiquette of the Local People

Based on several essential ideals, including freedom, individual rights, equality, and opportunity, the citizens significantly influence the nation's representative democracy. Therefore, every American should have a basic understanding of American history and governance.


There is no federally recognised official language in the United States of America. Still, English is the most widely spoken language; the population also speaks more than 300 other languages. Therefore, the official language of a few states is listed as English.


The United States attracts the most international students worldwide as a study-abroad destination. One can choose from a wide range of courses and programmes at American universities, regarded as the best in the world. International students will feel welcomed and integrated into the community because of the U.S.'s multicultural atmosphere, which includes people of all nationalities, ethnicities, and races.

The academic requirements at American universities are very rigorous, and they offer students a top-notch education. When pursuing their undergraduate and graduate degrees in the U.S., students can choose the programme's structure and course offerings from various possibilities. With 177 institutions, the U.S. has the most significant overall representation. There are 58 U.S. institutions among the top 200. U.S. colleges maintained their position in the top 10 by winning five slots in the most recent Q.S. rating for 2023.

The top universities in the USA are:

  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • Yale University
  • Columbia University
  • Princeton University

With outstanding programmes in every discipline, the U.S. has one of the best university systems in the world. Traditional academic subjects and professional programmes are both offered in undergraduate programmes. Graduate students can collaborate with some of the most talented individuals in their areas, with chances to participate in privileged research and learning opportunities. The U.S. degree is respected for its top-notch education all around the world.

Some of the top study destinations in the U.S., according to the 2023 statistics:

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco.
  • Los Angeles.
  • New York.
  • Washington, DC.
  • San Diego.


Working without legal status is a serious offence in the U.S. F-1 students have few employment possibilities and must demonstrate their financial stability before entering the country to cover their living costs and tuition. Therefore, talking to the designated school official (DSO) is the first step if one wants to work.

The DSO will report through SEVIS if one is working illegally, which will result in deleting one's SEVIS record. Thereafter, the student will be deported and not permitted to return to the U.S., so one must leave the country immediately.

One may be qualified for the following jobs, depending on the status and programme of study:

  • Employment on Campus: F-1 students with an active status in SEVIS can apply for this kind of work. This employment only applies to work on campus or at an off-campus site connected to the institute. One example is working as an illustrator at a café or bookstore at a university.
  • Up to 30 days before the commencement of school, F-1 students may apply for an on-campus job. The DSO must be contacted to apply. One will get a letter of permission from the DSO if they are accepted. The student must submit this authorisation letter to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN). For students who want to work, this is a requirement. 
  • A student can only work 20 hours per week while in school.
  • Off-Campus Employment: Employment outside the school's campus is open to F-1 students who have finished a full academic year of their programme, are experiencing financial difficulties, and meet the requirements for Department of Homeland Security emergencies.

Routes to Permanent Settlement

The status of "lawful permanent resident" (LPR), granted to foreign individuals who have been granted permission to immigrate to the United States, must be attained before a foreign national can establish permanent residency there. They are awarded immigrant visas and an Alien Registration Card (commonly known as a Green Card) as evidence of their legal permanent status. Families, employment, adoption, special immigrant categories, and the diversity visa all play a role in how immigration is granted.

The means to apply for permanent residence in the United States are:

  • Sponsorship by a U.S. citizen or permanent resident relative.
  • An offer of permanent employment.
  • An asylum application.
  • Designation as a refugee.
  • Investment and employment creation.
  • The diversity lottery programme, or,
  • An executive order of the President and a handful of other miscellaneous methods.

List of universities

S.No. Universities Country
1 American University District of Columbia, United States
2 Andrews University Michigan, United States
3 Arizona State University Arizona, United States
4 Arkansas State University Arkansas, United States
5 Auburn University Alabama, United States
6 Augusta University Georgia, United States
7 Barry University Florida, United States
8 Baylor University Texas, United States
9 Binghamton University New York, United States
10 Boise State University Idaho, United States
11 Boston University Massachusetts, United States
12 Brandeis University Massachusetts, United States
13 Brigham Young University Utah, United States
14 Brown University Rhode Island, United States
15 Chapman University California, United States
16 Clark University Massachusetts, United States
17 Clarkson University New York, United States
18 Clemson University South Carolina, United States
19 Delta State University Mississippi, United States
20 East Carolina University North Carolina, United States
21 Eastern Kentucky University Kentucky, United States
22 Emory University Georgia, United States
23 Fisher College Massachusetts, United States
24 Florida Atlantic University Florida, United States
25 Florida International University Florida, United States
26 Florida State University Florida, United States
27 Fordham University New York, United States
28 George Mason University Virginia, United States
29 Georgetown University District of Columbia, United States
30 Georgia State University Georgia, United States
31 Harvard University Massachusetts, United States
32 Hofstra University New York, United States
33 Howard University District of Columbia, United States
34 Illinois Institute of Technology Illinois, United States
35 Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Indiana, United States
36 Iowa State University Iowa, United States
37 James Madison University Virginia, United States
38 Johns Hopkins University Maryland, United States
39 Kent State University Ohio, United States
40 Lincoln University California, United States
41 Louisiana Tech University Louisiana, United States
42 Marshall University West Virginia, United States
43 Miami University Florida, United States
44 Mississippi State University Mississippi, United States
45 Murray State University Kentucky, United States
46 New Jersey Institute of Technology New Jersey, United States
47 New York Film Academy New York, United States
48 North Carolina State University North Carolina, United States
49 Northern Arizona University Arizona, United States
50 Oakland University California, United States
51 Ohio University Georgia, United States
52 Oregon State University Oregon, United States
53 Princeton University New Jersey, United States
54 Rice University Texas, United States
55 Rush University Illinois, United States
56 San Francisco State University California, United States
57 The Catholic University of America District of Columbia, United States
58 The University of Alabama Alabama, United States
59 Thomas Jefferson University Pennsylvania, United States
60 University of Montana Montana, United States
61 Tufts University Massachusetts, United States
62 University of South Florida Florida, United States
63 University of Southern California California, United States
64 University of the Potomac District of Columbia, United States
65 Washington State University Washington, United States
66 The University of Alabama in Huntsville Alabama, United States
67 University of North Alabama Alabama, United States
68 University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska, United States
69 University of Arizona Arizona, United States
70 University of Arkansas fayetteville Arkansas, United States
71 University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Arkansas, United States
72 Loma Linda University California, United States
73 Stanford University California, United States
74 University of the Pacific California, United States
75 California Institute of Technology California, United States
76 University of San Diego California, United States
77 California State University Long Beach California, United States
78 University of California Irvine California, United States
79 University of California Santa Cruz California, United States
80 California State University California, United States
81 University of California Merced California, United States
82 University of California Riverside California, United States
83 University of California Davis California, United States
84 University of California San Diego California, United States
85 University of San Diego Usa California, United States
86 San Diego State University California, United States
87 University of Colarado Colorado, United States
88 Colorado School of Mines Colorado, United States
89 University of Denver Colorado, United States
90 Colorado State University Colorado, United States
91 University of Colorado Boulder Colorado, United States
92 Yale University Connecticut, United States
93 University of Connecticut Connecticut, United States
94 University of Delaware Delaware, United States
95 Florida Institute Of Technology Florida, United States
96 University of Central Florida Florida, United States
97 University of Florida Florida, United States
98 Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia, United States
99 Valdosta State University Georgia, United States
100 University of Hawaii Hawaii, United States
101 University of Idaho Idaho, United States
102 Loyola University Chicago Illinois, United States
103 Northern Illinois University Illinois, United States
104 University of Illinois Chicago Illinois, United States
105 University of Chicago Illinois, United States
106 University of Notre Dame Indiana, United States
107 Purdue University Indiana, United States
108 The University of Iowa Iowa, United States
109 Wichita State University Kansas, United States
110 Kansas State University Kansas, United States
111 Louisiana State University Louisiana, United States
112 University of Louisiana at Lafayette Louisiana, United States
113 University of Maine Maine, United States
114 The University of Maryland Maryland, United States
115 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts, United States
116 Smith College Massachusetts, United States
117 Western Michigan University Michigan, United States
118 Wayne State University Michigan, United States
119 Michigan Technological University Michigan, United States
120 University of Michigan Michigan, United States
121 University of Minnesota Twin Cities Minnesota, United States
122 Southeast Missouri State University Missouri, United States
123 Truman State University Missouri, United States
124 University of Central Missouri Missouri, United States
125 Missouri University of Science and Technology Missouri, United States
126 University of Missouri Missouri, United States
127 University of Missouri-Kansas City Volker Campus Missouri, United States
128 Saint Louis University Missouri, United States
129 Creighton University Nebraska, United States
130 University of Nevada Nevada, United States
131 Rutgers University New Jersey, United States
132 New Mexico State University New Mexico, United States
133 The University of New Mexico New Mexico, United States
134 Stony Brook University New York, United States
135 New York University New York, United States
136 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute New York, United States
137 University at Albany New York, United States
138 Cornell University New York, United States
139 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai New York, United States
140 New School New York, United States
141 Syracuse University New York, United States
142 Wake Forest University North Carolina, United States
143 The University of North Carolina North Carolina, United States
144 North Dakota State University North Dakota, United States
145 Bowling Green State University Ohio, United States
146 Case Western Reserve University Ohio, United States
147 University of Cincinnati Ohio, United States
148 The Ohio State University Ohio, United States
149 The University of Akron Ohio, United States
150 Oklahoma State University Oklahoma, United States
151 The University of Oklahoma Oklahoma, United States
152 The University of Tulsa Oklahoma, United States
153 Portland State University Oregon, United States
154 Oregon Health and Science University Oregon, United States
155 University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, United States
156 Haverford College Pennsylvania, United States
157 University of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, United States
158 Lehigh University Pennsylvania, United States
159 University of Rhode Island Rhode Island, United States
160 The Medical University of South Carolina South Carolina, United States
161 South Dakota State University South Dakota, United States
162 The University of Tennessee Knoxville USA Tennessee, United States
163 University of Memphis Tennessee, United States
164 Southern Methodist University Texas, United States
165 University of North Texas Texas, United States
166 Texas A&M University Texas, United States
167 The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Texas, United States
168 University of Houston Texas, United States
169  University of Houston–Downtown Texas, United States
170 Texas Tech University Texas, United States
171 Utah State University Utah, United States
172 The University of Utah Utah, United States
173 University of Vermont Vermont, United States
174 Old Dominion University Virginia, United States
175 University of Virginia Virginia, United States
176 William and Mary Virginia, United States
177 George Washington University Washington, United States
178 University of Washington Washington, United States
179 University of Wisconsin Wisconsin, United States
180 University of Wisconsin-Parkside Wisconsin, United States
181 University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire Wisconsin, United States
182 University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Wisconsin, United States
183 University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Wisconsin, United States
184 University of Wisconsin-Stout Wisconsin, United States
185 University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Wisconsin, United States
186 University of Wyoming Wyoming, United States
187 Auburn University at Montgomery Alabama, United States
188 University of Toledo Ohio, United States
189 The New School New York, United States
190 University of California, Santa Barbara California, United States
191 University of Hawaiʻi Hawaii, United States