Why Study In Australia?

Ranked as the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United Kingdom and the United States, many students choose to study in Australia because of the impressive international reputation of the education system, comprehensive curriculum and high standards. It is also well known for its cultural diversity and friendly natives. In addition, due to its world-class education system, which is regulated and maintained by the Government, graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after. 

Life in the Country

A student's life in a new country is likely to change and can be very different compared to the life of a student back home. When people think of Australia, they usually think of bushmen, koalas and fresh air, but the country has much more to offer. With a rich history dating back 60,000 years, Australia offers a diverse mix of cultures worldwide. It is the perfect country for those who love to enjoy life but at the same time want to live in an efficient and cutting-edge country. The seasons are different from those of other countries, and it may take international students some getting used to. 

With Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast and Adelaide being the destinations of choice, Australia is unique and unparalleled in terms of living standards compared to other countries because of its top-class infrastructure, medical and healthcare facilities, advanced transportation and affordable accommodations. 

The culture of Australia is a Western culture derived primarily from Britain due to the country being colonised in 1788 by the British. This British influence makes English the official language of the country and the first language of a majority of the population. However, Australian English differs from other varieties of English in terms of vocabulary, accent, pronunciation and grammar. 

Attitude and Etiquette of the Local People

If there is one thing that Australians are known for, it is their easy-going, friendly attitude. To them, strangers are just friends they have not met yet, and friendship is at the heart of the Australian psyche and is de facto a national character. Australians pride themselves on being good friends and neighbours and not just acquaintances. 

Australians are also less formal, so greetings are usually casual and relaxed, where a handshake, smile, and simple "hello, how are you?" should suffice. Australians communicate very easily, openly and with a good sense of humour. Honesty is valued, and arrogance is despised. Lastly, Australians are known to be very punctual, especially in business environments, while a little delay of up to fifteen minutes is okay in social situations.


Although English is the primary language in Australia, many people speak languages other than English in their families and communities. This linguistic diversity in Australia's heritage enhances its commercial competitiveness and fosters international relations and cultural exchanges. Overall, the country has over 400 languages. Of these, 167 are actively spoken. The most common languages besides English are Mandarin, Arabic, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Punjabi and Italian. 

Top Universities in Australia with Varied Course Options

Australian universities strive to equip students with practical skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in their chosen industry. With a growing global demand for entrepreneurship and innovative thinkers, Australian educational institutions have revamped their teaching and learning approaches to encourage thought-provoking creativity in students from all walks of life. Annually ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide by organisations such as Times Higher Education, QS and Shanghai Rankings, Australian Universities are truly world-class. Each University offers a range of study options for students to choose from. Some of the top Australian universities include:

  • Australian National University
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Queensland
  • Monash University
  • University of Western Australia
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • University of Wollongong

Part-time and Post Study Work Opportunities

Choosing to study in Australia is a great way to gain many valuable skills and experiences. In addition, Australian institutions offer an education designed to prepare students for the global workforce, as an Australian qualification is desirable to potential employers in Australia and around the world. 

Many Australian degrees and professional courses include work experience programs and internships that allow students to gain hands-on industrial experience and expand their professional network while still enrolled. Students can work up to 20 hours a week during an ongoing semester and full-time during a semester break. This in itself is a great way to find a study-related job and also a great way to finance one's living expenses in the country. However, there are many other ways for a student to independently find work in Australia, depending on their interests and skills. Students can consider finding a suitable job on or around campus so that it does not interfere with their studies. 

Below are some of the options to be considered:

  • On-Campus Jobs: Flexible and has many benefits. Students can pick hours for their on-campus job according to their preference and depending on how much money they want to earn
  • Services: Work in call centres, petrol stations, supermarkets, and other businesses in an administrative role.
  • Retail: Working in a store chain, a small or large department store, to sell customers goods such as electronics and clothing.
  • Industry: Students can get a job in a specific sector related to their field of study. 
  • Hospitality: Part-time jobs in restaurants, takeaway food stores, cinemas, sporting venues, hotels, and bars

The Australian government now provides a new post-study work visa that enables international students to study, live, and work in a designated regional area of the country for up to four years after completing their course. These new updates will help students plan their careers in a better way, giving them a broad area to study and work in.


List of universities

S.No. Universities Country
1 Deakin University Victoria, Australia
2 Academy of Interactive Entertainment Australian Capital Territory, Australia
3 Academy of Information Technology New South Wales, Australia
4 Academy of Film, Theatre & Television New South Wales, Australia
5 Academies Australasia New South Wales, Australia
6 Academia International Queensland, Australia
7 AHTS Training and Education South Australia, Australia
8 AIH HIGHER EDUCATION New South Wales, Australia
9 Airways Aviation Queensland, Australia
10 Amber Aviation Academy Victoria, Australia
11 ANU College of Business and Economics Australian Capital Territory, Australia
12 Asia Pacific International College New South Wales, Australia
13 Aspire English Institute New South Wales, Australia
14 Australasian College of Natural Therapies New South Wales, Australia
15 Australian Catholic University New South Wales, Australia
16 Australian College of Agriculture and Horticulture Victoria, Australia
17 Australian College of Applied Psychology New South Wales, Australia
18 Australian Institution of Higher Education New South Wales, Australia
19 Australian Institute of Technical Training Victoria, Australia
20 Australian International Institute of Workplace Training Tasmania, Australia
21 Australian Maritime College Tasmania, Australia
22 Australian Pacific College New South Wales, Australia
23 Australian Technical and Management College Victoria, Australia
24 Australian Wings Academy Queensland, Australia
25 Basair Aviation College New South Wales, Australia
26 Baxter Institute Victoria, Australia
27 Billy Blue College of Design New South Wales, Australia
28 Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School New South Wales, Australia
29 Bond University Queensland, Australia
30 Box Hill Institute Victoria, Australia
31 Cairns College of English and Business Queensland, Australia
32 Canberra Institute of Technology Australian Capital Territory, Australia
33 Canning College Western Australia, Australia
34 Canterbury Business College New South Wales, Australia
35 Canterbury Institute of Management New South Wales, Australia
36 Canterbury Technical Institute Queensland, Australia
37 Carnegie Mellon University South Australia, Australia
38 CATC (Commercial Arts Training College) DESIGN SCHOOL Victoria, Australia
39 Central Queensland University Queensland, Australia
40 Charles Darwin University Northern Territory, Australia
41 Charles Sturt university New South Wales, Australia
42 Chisholm Institute Victoria, Australia
43 CIC Higher Education Victoria, Australia
44 Collarts Victoria, Australia
45 DNA Kingston Training New South Wales, Australia
46 Edith Cowan College Western Australia, Australia
47 Edith Cowan University Western Australia, Australia
48 Engineering Institute of Technology Western Australia, Australia
49 Everthought College of Construction Western Australia, Australia
50 Federation University Victoria, Australia
51 Flinders University South Australia, Australia
52 Gordon Institute of TAFE Victoria, Australia
53 Griffith University Queensland, Australia
54 Health Careers International Western Australia, Australia
55 Institute of Health and Nursing Australia Victoria, Australia
56 International College of Hotel Management South Australia, Australia
57 International College of Management New South Wales, Australia
58 International Institute of Business & Technology Queensland, Australia
59 James Cook University Queensland, Australia
60 Kangan Institute Victoria, Australia
61 Kaplan Business School Australia South Australia, Australia
62 Kent institute Victoria, Australia
63 La Trobe University Victoria, Australia
64 Macquarie University New South Wales, Australia
65 Magill College Sydney New South Wales, Australia
66 Melbourne Institute of Technology Victoria, Australia
67 Melbourne Polytechnic Victoria, Australia
68 Menzies Institute of Technology Victoria, Australia
69 Milcom Institute Victoria, Australia
70 Monash University Victoria, Australia
71 Murdoch University Western Australia, Australia
72 Murdoch University Australia Western Australia, Australia
73 National Institute of Dramatic Art New South Wales, Australia
74 Newton College Victoria, Australia
75 Ozford College Victoria, Australia
76 Perth College of Business & Technology Western Australia, Australia
77 Polytechnic West Western Australia, Australia
78 Queensland Academy of Technology Queensland, Australia
79 Queensland International Business Academy New South Wales, Australia
80 Queensland University of Technology Queensland, Australia
81 QUT International College Queensland, Australia
82 RMIT University Victoria, Australia
83 Russo Business School Queensland, Australia
84 SAE Institutes Queensland, Australia
85 Sarina Russo Institute Queensland, Australia
86 Shafston International College Queensland, Australia
87 South Australia Institute of Business & Technology South Australia, Australia
88 Southern Cross University Queensland, Australia
89 Spencer College Queensland, Australia
90 St. George & Sutherland Community College New South Wales, Australia
91 Stanley College Western Australia, Australia
92 Strathfield College Victoria, Australia
93 Sunraysia Institute of TAFE Victoria, Australia
94 Swinburne University of Technology Victoria, Australia
95 Sydney Business School New South Wales, Australia
96 Sydney Institute of Business and Technology New South Wales, Australia
97 Sydney School of Business and Technology New South Wales, Australia
98 TAFE NSW New South Wales, Australia
99 TAFE South Australia South Australia, Australia
100 TAFE Queensland SkillsTech Queensland, Australia
101 The Australian National University Australian Capital Territory, Australia
102 The Hotel School Victoria, Australia
103 The University of Adelaide South Australia, Australia
104 The University of Notre Dame Western Australia, Australia
105 The University of Western Western Australia, Australia
106 Torrens University Victoria, Australia
107 Trinity College Victoria, Australia
108 Universal Institute of Technology Victoria, Australia
109 University of Canberra Australian Capital Territory, Australia
110 University of Melbourne Victoria, Australia
111 University of New South Wales New South Wales, Australia
112 University of Newcastles New South Wales, Australia
113 University of Queensland Queensland, Australia
114 University Senior College South Australia, Australia
115 University of South Australia South Australia, Australia
116 University of Southern Queensland Queensland, Australia
117 University of Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia
118 University of Sydney New South Wales, Australia
119 University of Tasmania Tasmania, Australia
120 University of Technology Sydney New South Wales, Australia
121 University Of Wollongong College New South Wales, Australia
122 University of Wollongong New South Wales, Australia
123 UNSW Global New South Wales, Australia
124 Victoria University, Sydney New South Wales, Australia
125 Western Sydney University New South Wales, Australia
126 William Angliss Institute of TAFE Victoria, Australia
127 William Blue College of Hospitality Management New South Wales, Australia
128 Kings Own Institute New South Wales, Australia
129 Stotts College Victoria, Australia
130 Academia Institute Victoria, Australia
131 Curtin College Western Australia, Australia
132 Greenwich College New South Wales, Australia
133 Holmes Institute Victoria, Australia
134 Holmesglen Institute Victoria, Australia
135 Imagine Education Queensland, Australia
136 Perth International College of English Western Australia, Australia
137 Phoenix Academy Western Australia, Australia
138 Salford College of Business and Hospitality South Australia, Australia
139 Trinity Institute New South Wales, Australia
140 Australian Health and Management Institute New South Wales, Australia
141 Curtin University Western Australia, Australia
142 Avondale University New South Wales, Australia
143 UTS College New South Wales, Australia
144 West Australian Institute of Further Studies Western Australia, Australia
145 Dolph Business School Victoria, Australia
146 National Art School New South Wales, Australia
147 SP Jain School of Global Management New South Wales, Australia
148 TAFE International Western Australia Western Australia, Australia
149 The Illawarra Business College New South Wales, Australia
150 The Sydney Business and Travel Academy New South Wales, Australia
151 TMG College Victoria, Australia
152 University of Divinity Victoria, Australia
153 Government Education and Training International Tasmania, Australia