For a student in the pursuit of academic excellence, any sort of assistance is welcomed, especially when it comes as a financial aid. A common misconception is that scholarships opportunities for higher education are available only to residents of a country and not to international students. We would like to make you aware that that is definitely not the case. 

Universities are happy to award deserving students financial assistance. Financial aid can come in the form of scholarships, bursaries, fee waivers, substantial discounts on full fee payment and other forms of waivers. Universities and governments alike have identified the value that bright international students bring to their institutions and societies. This brings about a great sense of appeal, that draws in high achieving students towards a specific university or country. 

These scholarships are available through government and university specific scholarships for undergraduate, post graduate and higher research degrees. AdmissionIndia remains committed to help you find every opportunity to being awarded a scholarship. We work with you in identifying and applying for scholarships relevant to you. 

Scholarships in the UK

The UK offers a host of scholarships available to international students. Some of the more sought-after programmes are the Chevening Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship and GREAT Scholarship.  However as mentioned, universities do offer a university specific scholarships, bursaries and waivers. 

Scholarships in Australia

Australia offers large government funded scholarships programmes such as Australia Awards Scholarship, Destination Australia Awards, Research Training Programme and International Postgraduate Research Scholarship. These are specifically designed for international student. All Universities have their own scholarship programmes on offer as well.

Scholarships in USA

Being a popular destination for international students, USA does offer a long list of scholarships based on merit, excellence, employment and region. However, the most notable programmes for international students are the Fulbright Foreign Student Program and the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program for experienced international professionals.

Scholarships in Canada

Similar to the scholarship opportunities available in the other top destinations for international students, Canada offers similar Canadian Government Scholarships; Non-Government Scholarships provided by foundations and trusts; and Institutional Scholarships offered by universities and colleges.

Scholarships in New Zealand

There are several government scholarships available to student both at an undergraduate and a postgraduate level. Apart from those offered by the New Zealand government, there are various other scholarships offered by other governments and educational institutions.

If you strongly believe that you have got the credentials and qualities that are deserving of a scholarship, call us now and speak to our counsellors to find out your options.