AdmissionIndia is committed to providing students with all the support required to gain an admissions in their desired institute. 

We as counsellors assist student in finalising their choice of University / College, apply to a course they desire pursue, and acquire an offer letter from the top Universities across the world. Getting a world-class degree is a life – changing step for any student, our expert counsellors are always there to help and guide students achieve this degree. 

  • Getting Admission

Navigating through the admission process of the chosen educational institution can often be a confusing process for students. We help to make things easier by assessing student profiles thoroughly and advise students on their desired career outcomes. We support students, right from choosing the course, applying to the University and then collaborating, on behalf of the students, with the admission office of the relevant institutions. This is to ensure that the admission process progresses as efficiently as possible.

We assist student in finalising their choice of University / College, choosing the course they wish to pursue, and acquiring an offer letter from their chosen University. Getting a world- class degree is a life-changing step for any student and our counsellors are there to provide students with the help and guidance they need to achieve this.

  • Course Selection

Choosing the right course and the right institute to study in is critical so as to ensure that the students’ future aspects are bright. Countries across the world have now opened their doors to international students and the choice now lies entirely with the students. Our experience in the field of admissions has equipped us with the knowledge enabling us to assist students in choosing the destination, the course and the institution that corresponds with student’s academic performance, employment status and financial background. We provide students with the best options keeping in mind the scholarships and bursaries offered by Universities to deserving students. In helping students make these choices, we also take into consideration their long-term academic goals, their ambition and career aspirations to achieve a better future.

  • Application and Documentation

Applying for an admission can be a daunting process, with students getting overwhelmed by the documentation and compliance required. We carefully guide and help students with their application process, not only in filling in the application form, but in discussing their options in-line with their interest and aspirations. We, also, follow up with the institutes on the status of student applications and collaborate with institutions on behalf of the student. The student will not be charged a separate fee for the services rendered.

  • Student Visa:

We provide assistance with student visa applications. This includes providing advise on all aspects of the student visa application, which incorporates documentation guidance and review, lodging the student visa application and collaborating with the concerned Visa Office for the same on your behalf.