We believe that having a safe and comfortable living space is essential to keep us in the right frame of mind as we pursue academic excellence. After a long day at school or possibly work, it is always a nice feeling to be able to go back to a place you can call home. We can help you find that personal space where you can be you; be it in university halls or even a rented place of your own. AdmissionIndia has partnered with a number of reliable accommodation providers to help you find an accommodation that is within your budget and preference.


What is your preference?

Do you want to live close to the University? Or maybe close to the city for convenience sake! Or maybe close to a park? 

With the number of options that are out there, you will be left spoilt for choices. Some popular accommodation types are:

  • Living on Campus / University Halls: For those of you looking to minimise the amount of time and money spent on traveling to and from classes, this is a convenient approach, where you will also get a chance to make a lot of new friends. However, they do tend to be more expensive than the other accommodation options available.
  • Halls of Residence: These off-campus halls are situated in conveniently located areas close to the University premises or the city centre. They can be under university regulations, although some halls are run by private agencies following university standards and guidelines. 
  • Private accommodation: Private accommodation gives you more flexibility based on your preferences. They are usually more affordable than university accommodation as you can manage your expenses better according to your lifestyle. This also opens the door to sharing the costs with suitable housemates.
  • Home stay accommodation: If you are looking to experience a cultural and family based stay, then this is an option you can definitely consider. Living with a local family can help you understand local values and possibly bring you up to speed on the traditions of the region. 

Whatever your choice may be, the accommodation will offer a different experience altogether. At the end, it all boils down to your preference and lifestyle choices.