• Am I filling in the right Visa form?
  • Does my application fulfil all the visa conditions and requirements?
  • How do I pay my visa fees and book an appointment?

We know it can be challenging for students to file their own Visa application without the fear of having made a blunder. Don’t worry, we are here for you.

Statistically, students with an unconditional offer who have completed additional formalities such as payment of fees, procurement of CAS, or GTE approvals (depending on the country) have a high rate of acceptance on their student visa applications. Places such as the UK have been raking in over 98% approvals, Australia at 96%, and Canada at close to 89% of visa acceptance. Most visa refusals occur due to errors in filing the application and also on account of financial document reflecting lack of sufficient funds/discrepancies in funds available or questionable sources of funds. If that has happened to you, then get in touch with our team who can provide you Visa refusal corrective solutions. 

Our experienced team is up to date on the latest guidelines and conditions. As an essential service we offer our students seeking to start their academic sessions abroad, our counsellors will walk you through the requirements and documentation you need to submit. We even file the application for you, and help you choose a time and venue convenient for your interview. 

They are also happy to brief you on what to expect in your Visa interview and how you can prepare for it. 

Getting your Visa is pretty much the last hurdle as you plan your international education, so its important we get it right. This ensures that you have the best possible start to your international journey and prospects of a fulfilling career thereafter.

Visa Only Service:

We understand that you may have made applications on your own and managed to get an offer from an international university. Firstly, we wish to congratulate you on the offer. And secondly, we know that it might be as straight forward when it comes to Visa applications. We can still help you with our Visa Only Service, where our highly trained team will liaise with you, file the application on your behalf and book for your interview, all at the cost of a reasonable administrative fee. We want to see you take on the course you have chosen regardless of whether you made you university applications through us or not. 

Dependent Visas:

As seen with many of our previous students who have gone abroad for their higher education, some of them have dependents such as their spouse and children that they want to take along. AdmissionIndia can facilitate their applications as well so that you don’t have to leave your loved ones behind as you embark on your international studies. Feel free to call us and speak to one of our counsellors to discuss further.

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