Why Study In Cyprus?

Life in the Country

With its pleasant climate, Cyprus is a fascinating location to study. People worldwide have discovered Cyprus to be a desirable destination for both business and tourism. In addition, it provides students with a variety of social and cultural associations to join whilst adjusting to the local way of life. For the sports enthusiast, it also offers various sporting venues in public spaces.

Attitudes and Etiquette of the Local People

Greek and Turkish cultures are followed in the nation. People in this area are often quite gregarious and pleasant. Rejecting some items, such as food or gifts, may convey that you lack enough faith in them. Men are expected to show great respect for ladies and act gentlemanly by doing little things like opening doors for them and helping them with their coats. The act of smoking in public is not illegal. Elders, however, will not enjoy it if a conversational partner is wearing a cap or has their hands on their hips.

Major Cities with varied course options

The country's biggest cities provide a variety of degree-level programmes, including Bachelor's, Master's, Diploma, and Doctoral degrees. All of these are accessible to international students. Typically, undergraduate programmes last eight semesters or two years and have two semesters yearly. The three fields of study most frequently chosen in Cyprus include business, medicine, and engineering.

Part-time and Post-study work opportunities:

As an EU member, Cyprus has a thriving economy for companies and businesses. It allows full-time students who are citizens of third countries to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours a week. However, postgraduate students need help to obtain a work permit. All graduates must depart the nation within two months of finishing their education. They will be permitted to re-enter only if they have been given a contract at any company in the country. Employers will handle the procedures for requesting work permits in Cyprus. The potential employee must submit all necessary paperwork and complete a different application process at the Cyprus Embassy from their home country.

Routes to Permanent Settlement:

The Golden Visas can be used to obtain citizenship and permanent residence in Cyprus. A €2 million real estate purchase is required for citizenship. To qualify for a PR, applicants must spend €300,000 on a home. The fastest way to become a citizen of Cyprus in just six months is through the Golden Visa Programme.

Cyprus citizenship applications require the following:

  • A regular visa for entry into Cyprus. 
  • Submission of application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The applicant will be given a six-month residency visa to enter and exit the country legally while their application is being processed.
  • The applicant will receive a Naturalisation Certificate once the application is complete.
  • Finally, candidates will be qualified to submit an application for a Cypriot passport and ID at the regional office.


The two main languages used in Cyprus are Turkish and Greek. English is by far the most widely spoken language outside of this country. The three other major minority languages in Cyprus are Kurbetcha, Cypriot Arabic, and Armenian.