Students in France have a variety of lodging options; however, it is advisable to look for housing before travelling rather than waiting until you have arrived there.

In France, there are several possibilities for student housing, including:

  • University residence halls: These are a cost-effective lodging options run and maintained by the regional centres for student services (CROUS). Privately owned and operated student housing is more expensive than CROUS.
  • Private flats: If students live alone, they can rent studio flats. They must spend 800 EUR in Paris and 400 EUR in other places, which is a significantly higher price.
  • Shared apartment: This more economical option allows students to meet new people while splitting rent and utility costs.
  • Living with a French Family or an Elderly Person: In exchange for help around the house, some families will offer reduced or free rent housing.
  • Hostels for youth
  • Private property 
  • Living quarters with a family member

Copies of a letter and identification documentation for the guarantors are needed, as are a residency permit, a student card showing current enrolment, and an ID card.

A guarantor can agree to pay your rent on your behalf if you cannot do so at the agreed-upon period. You will be asked if you have a guarantor while renting an apartment. Therefore finding one is highly beneficial for your security in France.


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