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Bachelor of Arts [BA]- Home Science

Bachelor of Arts in Home Science is a 3 years long undergrad program which is further segregated into 6 semesters. Bachelor of Arts in Home science is availed by ample of colleges and institutions in India and offer understudies with the option to learn different subjects relating to diverse businesses. The common subjects included in the course are Education, Hospitality, Human Resource Management, Resource Development, Textiles and Clothing etcetera. This course benefits understudies as they learn the fundamental way of living, family administration and housing administration etcetera. The students opting for the course will get various job opportunities as tye student can become a dietician, chef, a health coach or a lifestyle administrator etcetera.  This degree course will help the students to overall develop their personality and at the same time will teach them how to take responsibility towards the world and will make them better citizens and good performers.

Moreover, the course of Bachelors of arts in home science covers the degree of Nourishment, way of living as well as development measures counting the science that begins with the environment the major subjects that are included in the course are Food Science, fundamentals of resource management, the foundation of food and nutrition, foundation of human and development, introduction to Fabric and apparel Sciences. In all, it can be stated that home science is an arts degree course that allows the students to get an education in various aspects of Sciences as well as rural development, child development and family relations.  This is one course included in Arts which avails the information regarding Sciences as well as craftsmanship concepts, information and theories related to Humanities as well. This course allows the students to understand the logical and effective usage of the resources.

Reasons for pursuing this course

The major reason for undertaking this course is that the candidate will get various job openings as the student can work in nourishment conservation, dress-making and cooking etcetera. Students after this course can enter into material commerce, design planning and can indeed work in lodgings, the nourishment industry etcetera. Investigatory employments include teaching precise divisions of society which include parents, agriculturists and villagers on the nourishment esteem of certain nourishment items.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. For any student to take admission in Bachelor of Arts in Home science will need to qualify intermediate or a proportionate examination with having minimum marks scheduled by the colleges.
  2. The students from any of the streams in intermediate can opt for the course.

Average fees:

The fees that a student will have to pay for getting admission in Bachelor of Arts in Home science would fall under the range of INR 7 thousand to 1.5 lakhs per year.

Skills developed:

  1. Child Development
  2. Food Science
  3. Foundations of Food and Nutrition
  4. household financial plans for each income groups
  5. Introduction to Fabric and Apparel Science
  6. lifestyle and family ecosystem
  7. Understanding expertise


  1. Apparel Merchandising Companies
  2. Cafeterias
  3. Commercial Restaurants
  4. Community Development Programs
  5. Consultancy and Counselling Centres
  6. Dress-Making Shops
  7. Fashion Designing Companies
  8. Fashion Journalism
  9. Food Industry
  10. Hospitals
  11. Hotels
  12. Manufacturing Industries
  13. Textile Businesses
  14. Tourist Resorts

The higher education after the course:

  1. M.A. Home Science
  2. M.Phil. Home Science
  3. Ph.D. Home Science

Mode of study:

The student can opt for the fulltime course and will also have the option to do part time study course and distance learning can also be opted for.

Average salary after doing the course:

Any student after doing this course can get the basic salary of 3 to 4 Lakh per annum which will further keep on increasing with time.