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Bachelor of Arts [BA]- English Literature

BA English Writing Course is an undergrad degree that is granted to understudies after studying literature for 3 years with further having six semesters, this course avails a clear understanding of craftsmanship and study of English Literature. This course includes an everlasting effect on the information of English and writing to have an understanding of the background and hypothetical system of writing. BA English Writing is being advertised by numerous universities and institutions In India. Writing is termed as one of the finest shapes of dialect and it covers regions like English composition, English verse, Exposition composing, Letter composing, English figures of speech and expressions as well as English linguistic use. Bachelors of Arts in English literature covers learning on nearly all the best-known and preferred scholars such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Quick, Milton, Jane Austen, Dickens and the list is incalculable. The syllabus of the course covers numerous compositions from the pieces written in the ages of the 21st century. 

This course comprises of writings that advance chronologically through the periods of English Writing and compositions. The organisations with the foundation of mass media and news coverage are a few of the major job providers and work accomplices for the students doing BA English Writing. English writing Veterans like Salman Rushdie, Shashi Tharoor, Vikram Seth are a few of the celebrated identities within the space of English Writing who continuously persuade others for seeking after and selecting English Writing for ages.

Literature lends a helping hand in giving a positive approach to the Understudies. English writing incorporates a wide run of elective sonnets and a profound understanding of the ancient English dialect or the most punctual frame of English which is called the Anglo Saxon frame of English. The trouble experienced in perusing ancient English writing is the truth that the dialect is distinctive from that of nowadays.

BA English writing is being outlined in a way in which understudies can get an insight into the changes in English writing which is practiced across the globe. This course enables understudies to pick-up different abilities and gets a brief presentation to vital concerns and talks about within the field of English Literature. Being an effective writer will continuously propel the applicants to be the following Shakespeare and Milton, but to execute and work in different areas to set up an illustration for others to be an effective and influential writer.

Reasons for pursuing the course:

English composing can be termed as an unequivocal combination of words and it can be stated that principals of Humanism and Open Organisation are one of the defended reasons for a candidate to prefer BA English Writing. Assigned by Senior Editors and E-Commerce administrators in organisations like CNN-IBN and Al-Jazeera are the visionary labels being dealt with by the BA English Writing candidates after graduation. Internship openings with classroom instruction with rumoured organisations like Times of India and Times Presently will be a highlighted and recognised square in a candidate’s curriculum vitae. Having an understanding of the wealthy verse of the English dialect gives a stage for a craftsman or a poet to become which may be an intense errand to discover. The positive thinkers can choose to get higher education from result oriented colleges over the country.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. For any student to take admission in Bachelor of Arts in English Literature will need to qualify intermediate or a proportionate examination with having a minimum of 50% marks which might decrease to 45% for the SC/ST category.
  2. The students from any of the streams in intermediate can opt for the course with having English as the main subject.

Average fees:

The fees that a student will have to pay for getting admission in Bachelor of Arts in English Literature would fall under the range of INR 5 thousand to 1 lakh per year.

Skills developed:

The students who are looking forward to getting a Bachelors degree in English will need to have some specific skills and few of them are mentioned below:

  1. Articulating knowledge and understanding of texts, concepts and theories
  2. Critical reasoning and analysis
  3. Effectively conveying arguments and opinions and thinking creatively
  4. Independent working
  5. IT skills
  6. Leading and participating in discussions
  7. Negotiation with present ideas and information
  8. Planning and researching the written work
  9. Team working expertise
  10. Time management and organisation
  11. Using personal judgment to weigh up alternative perspectives


  1. The candidates of Bachelors of Arts in English will have job openings in various professions which are highly paid. The major jobs for which the students of this course will be eligible are as follow:
  2. Digital copywriter
  3. Editorial assistant
  4. English as a foreign language teacher
  5. H.R Executive
  6. Journalist
  7. Lexicographer
  8. Magazine journalist
  9. Newspaper journalist
  10. Professor
  11. Proofreaders
  12. Public Servant
  13. Publishing copy-editor
  14. Scriptwriter
  15. Secondary school teacher
  16. Talent agent
  17. Teacher
  18. Web content manager
  19. Writer

The higher education after the course:

  1. Finance
  2. Human resource management
  3. Journalism
  4. Librarianship
  5. MA in creative writing
  6. MA in English language and literary studies
  7. MA in medieval literature
  8. MA in Victorian
  9. Marketing and management
  10. Ph.D. in English language and literary studies

Mode of study:

The student can opt for the fulltime course and will also have the option to do part time study course and distance learning can also be opted for.

Average salary after doing the course:

Any student after doing this course can get the basic salary of 3 to 4 Lakhs per annum which will further keep on increasing with time on the basis of improved skills and experience.

Top Rated Institutes:

S.No Institute Name Course Duration Fees (Per Annum) Rating Location Action
1 Rathinam University 36 Months Rs. 36000


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